Kick-off Liga MCB 2017

Kick-off Liga MCB 2017

By Lidanel Molenaar

The First and the Second Division of the Liga MCB will start this week. Sunday February 5 the opening match of the First Division will see last year's champion Centro Dominguito against newly promoted Inter Willemstad. The match will be played in the Stadium Antoine Maduro (Subt) and will start at 18.00 hours.

Entrance fee is 10 guilders, children and 60+ pay 5 guilders. The doors of the stadium open at 15.00 'o clock for the U-20 match between Centro Barber and Subt. There will be musical entertainment in between the games.

The regular enrance fee foor First Division matches will be 6 guilders, children and 60+ pay 2,50 guilders.

The Second Division will start on February 13 at 19.00 'o clock at the FFK Field with a match between De Koning and Santa cruz, followed by Indekor and Marquita at 21.00 'o clock Entrance Fee is 2 guilders.