Education project

Education Program

Structural cooperation with institutions from abroad is an important condition for the consistency and the continuity of the program. Those institutions and/or federations have invested heavily in research and methodology of (youth) football development and education and their experience is very valuable for FFK.

The partnership with KNVB is extremely valuable for FFK. Their experience and the information received are of big value for the further development of football on Curacao. This partnership has to be maintained as a fundamental alliance for further football development.

Education project

The FIFA technical support to MA’s is another important tool  for the FFK. The support through education programs for different disciplines with the supply of materials, video information and knowledge contribute greatly to a wide interchange of innovative information and technical support.

In the last 10 years many courses have been provided in many fields and at different levels. Also, representatives of FFK participated in FIFA courses abroad. For the coming years FFK strives to structurally plan the education of coaches and leaders with yearly courses for different certification levels. This certification program must meet the current needs from grassroots level coaches up to competitive level coaches for the different disciplines. The FFK has to formalize three level of coach certification: a basic grassroots level, a basic coach level 3 and an advance level 2 for technical staff.