Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V. has agreed to sponsor the FFK competitions for the coming three years, it was announced on April 3rd, 2013. In a press conference president Jean Francisca recalled the long standing bond between the MCB and the football federashon, bringing into memory Morty Maduro, untiring football promotor and ex-vice president of FIFA.

In honor of her sponsor the FFK First Division will now be named "Liga MCB" and the competition for the age categories U-9 and U-7 (former ORFIK) will be named "Liga Lito".

And our longtime sponsor ENNIA, always stepping in to help fund projects of the national selections.

FIFA is a sponsor for infrastructural development. Through FIFA GOAL Project 1-3 FFK was able to build the Office & Development Center, the Health and Fitness Certer and a training field with artificial turf. FIFA GOAL Project 4 enabled FFK to add a Futsal field to the premesis.

CONCACAF supports Curacao's football development through project such as CONCACAF 100 and their School Project