Refereeing Department

The Refereeing Department consists of:

Mrs. Evelyn Statius / Department Head
Mr. Valentino Chance / Technical Assistant
Mr. Roderick Rojer / Physical Assistant

The duties of the Refereeing Department are:

  • To assist the Referees Committee
  • To implement decisions adopted by the Referees Committee
  • To carry out all tasks related to the logistics of refereeing
  • To carry out all administrative duties of the Refereeing Department
  • To implement programs to develop the Referees according to the guidelines approved by the Referees Committee.

Courses for new Referees:

During the year the Refereeing Department organizes 2 sections of courses for new Referees
You can subscribe for the courses via our email address [email protected]
The starting dates for the courses will be announced later.